ABOUT US – What we wear describes more than just the clothing on our back. It informs who we are. It establishes our vibe and vibration on a daily basis. However, many of us feel as though we have nothing to wear. We struggle to find the right clothing to match our personal brand, flatter our bodies, and leave lasting impression.

Don’t leave your brand to chance. Stef Mouchie is an online fashion retailer dedicated to providing stylish, contemporary, and unique pieces for the modern working woman. Stef Mouchie includes a range of stylish selections for women to discover their inner soul through their outward style. With professional outfits, casual attire, and other wardrobe essentials, Stef Mouchie helps today’s fashion-forward female find the outfit she needs to fit any occasion or mood. Now, there’s no need to spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit. Get everything you need to feel empowered at Stef Mouchie.

  • Empowering the next-generation of female fashionistas through a range of styles and clothing selection
  • To provide the modern woman with stylish and contemporary clothing options with a convenient shopping experience
  • To elevate your personal style story with clothes that fit, flatter, and make an impression
  • To be a leader in style for women in the business world
  • To help women find their inner spirit through their outward style
  • To be the premier provider of women’s apparel and accessories

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Stef Mouchie is a Toronto-based fashion designer specializing in luxurious and tailor-made women’s wear. Inspired by fashion through the ages, all of our pieces are designed for the modern woman to create and express her unique style. Browse our extensive collection of fashion-wear or get in touch for a bespoke piece. Follow us on Facebook.

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