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Uniting to Support Kids’ Mental Health During COVID-19

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AESM Physiotherapy Clinic joins forces with designer Steph Mouchie to fund kids’ mental health helpline

A Global Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sweeping change across the globe, especially when it comes to kids’ mental health. From public health challenges to massive economic fallout, billions of lives have been affected by the coronavirus around the world. AESM Physiotherapy Clinic, a longtime champion of kid’s mental health services, collaborated with Toronto Designer, Stef Mouchie, to do their part in helping the local community. The project was twofold: Stef Mouchie would donate 500 face masks to the clinic, and all proceeds would benefit Kids Helpline: an anytime, anywhere mental health support system made specifically for children.

Championing Kids’ Mental Health

COVID-19-related school and public closures have affected over 1.5 billion children around the world. With many students unable to see their friends and classmates since March and summer camps suspended, social activities have become extremely restricted. This raises serious concerns about the adverse mental health consequences of social isolation for children who have no access to therapies and other activities. The stress from social isolation and routine disruption is significantly compounded when a child’s family is facing pressure related to finances and illness.

Child and adolescent mental health rates have been on the rise in recent years. Many social scientists believe that widespread smartphone use and increasing isolation may play a large part in these numbers. In Canada in particular, the youth suicide rate is the third-highest in the industrialized world. In a recent study conducted by Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 28% of students admit not knowing where to turn when they need to talk to somebody about mental health.

Kids Help Phone is a national hotline for Canadian youth to call whenever, wherever they need help with a current or longstanding issue. With language services in both French and English and licensed professionals on standby, the hotline provides private and confidential services for youths who do not know where to turn.

The Masks

Ethan Wingate, the designer behind Stef Mouchie, had been monitoring the COVID-19 situation since early March. As the virus continued to spread and countries began to shut down, he knew he needed to do something. He started researching the effectiveness of masks and decided to create a fashionable and protective mask. Ethan began working with Anna Rita Rossi, an Italian fashion designer who has worked with notable brands such as H&M, Anna dello Russo, ad Peter Dundas to create the general concept. Ethan then used his engineering background to research filters. He then collaborated with Toronto Entrepreneur, Alex, who was working on a mask prototype. The two worked together to create a mask that was both stylish and fortified with a protective and effective filter.


Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is a Toronto-based physiology clinic founded and directed by Dr. Grant Lum. With a history of community outreach and a special focus in funding the Kids Help Line, the AESM was a perfect match for Stef Mouchie.

With 500 masks donated by Stef Mouchie, AESM distributed the masks to the local community. 100% of the profits went to the Kids Help Line.

Both Dr. Grant Lum and Stef Mouchie were extremely passionate about making a positive contribution to the COVID-19 support efforts. They decided to specifically empower and uplift the community’s children.

This donation will equip the Kids Help Line to cover the expenses of additional staff and services.

Although the future remains uncertain, Ethan Wingate and Dr. Grant Lum are proud of how people and businesses have come together to support each other during the pandemic. They hope their campaign will inspire others to leave a positive mark on their community.

The Race for Masks

Ethan Wingate is making his rounds in a Toronto neighborhood when he stumbles upon the following note:

I’m an ER nurse at Sunnybrook Hospital. I am sewing Operating Room Caps to cover hair at work for myself, other nurses and any staff at the hospital as part of our PPE. I especially need cotton fabric. Designs, flowers or even plain old cloth would be appreciated. Some examples are: cotton sheets (any size, kids too), cotton dress shirts (even Hawaiian), old scrubs—tops or pants, cotton dress, etc. or just fabric. We need cloth for trauma patients, etc. too.

If you have extra material from projects, you can leave them outside my door. I’m on nights this week so no need to knock. I’ll appreciate anything you have. You can text me as well if need be.

Mr. Wingate, the designer for, was so moved he donated 200 of his masks to the Sunnybrook Hospital himself. He and his team have recently pivoted from their collections to making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Nurses are having to either purchase or produce their own PPE as they face the stresses of everyday work. Concern is rising over the disposal of face shields, bands and other unwashable items due to environment, waste and cost. Items must be thrown away after each shift says Tina, an OR nurse.

Already in place is a partnership between Mr. Wingate and Dr. Grant Lum of Athletic Edge Sports Medicine (AESM) Physiotherapy Clinic. The task was to design a mask both fashionable and protective. The result was a mask with a protective and effective filter.

Particularly for the greater Toronto community, the race for masks has been answered by a local designer and his relationships with other concerned and dedicated professionals. The story of Trauma at Sunnybrook’s OR was a common one before Covid-19. Not so common; however, is their new source of PPE. An experience we hope to see duplicated elsewhere.

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Filter placement

To ensure adequate functioning of your Stef Mouchie fashion mask, make sure the filter is inserted correctly along the inside of the mask. *Filter is included

Wearing the mask

After washing your hands, hold the mask and place loops around each ear stretching the mask to fit comfortably over your nose and mouth. Hold both of the ear loops and lift gently to remove the mask.

Mask Care

It is advised to wash the mask after every use. Remove filter before washing. We recommend using regular detergent in a delicate cycle.

Fashion Mask and More

Stef Mouchie is helping the community stay safe and protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of uncertainty, the best we can do is protect ourselves and our loved ones. Stef Mouchie has expanded their fashion offering to provide COVID-19 necessities for people everywhere.

We are in this together!

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