Creating Diverse Hiring Practices

Creating Diverse Hiring Practices

With the increased awareness of how subconscious bias can leave our offices lacking in diversity, you may be looking to implement diverse hiring practices. Perform a quick audit to determine your starting point, create and share your policy with your team, then implement the strategies below.

Make Your Inclusivity Known

It’s no longer enough to state that you are an “equal opportunity” employer, it’s time to be more specific. Create an inclusion statement, a sentence or two that states that you are a diverse team that welcomes all. Be specific, particularly in the areas you are lacking highlighting equal pay for women and minorities, diverse gender identities, LGBTQ+ friendly, ethnic diversity, religious diversity, age diversity, and more. The images and videos on your website, LinkedIn, and social media must also reflect diversity.

Restructure Candidate Sourcing

There are a variety of ways to restructure how you source candidates. This includes marketing to underserved communities. Create internship programs with local universities, vocational schools, and non-profits that serve diverse communities. If you haven’t yet, create a referral program. Consider fully-or partially outsourcing candidate sourcing. For in-house sourcing, leverage AI to help you narrow down candidates to minimize subconscious bias.

Create Diverse Hiring Teams

Whether it’s your HR team or your interview panel, the more diverse the better. A diverse hiring team will champion inclusion and be less likely to hire only those who look, think, and fit into the same box as they do. They will source by skill, results, and to complement company culture.

Here’s to being the change we want to see in the world!

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