Stefan Mouchie

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Designer To Women Of Today

Established in 2017, Stef Mouchie is a Toronto-based fashion house focused on modern day workwear essentials with a strong emphasis on fabrics and distinct modern details with the aim to empower his diverse clientele in the workplace.

Its founder and creative director, Stefan Mouchie, is renowned for his elegant, timeless and carefully tailored designs, which are informed by art, literature and culture —all elements that have earned him a reputation as one of Canada’s leading fashion designers in women’s business attire. However, it is his avant-garde views on dress and gender what truly set him apart, “my line is for women, androgynous people, and transwomen,” he explains.

Before turning his hand to fashion design, Mouchie became an honor student at Ottawa University, earning degrees in mechanical and biomedical engineering and technology.

Soon after, while working as a designer for several prominent engineering firms, he noticed how underrepresented women were in the workplace. The proportions of women to men, in the upper echelons was not balanced, This ignited his desire to create a powerful and inspiring wardrobe for women in the office environment.

Ethan Wingate

To realize his dream, Mouchie sought mentorship in fashion and style from Chris Morgan, founder of Elevations in Style. Morgan has styled music stars like pop-reggae princess Kreesha Turner and Sean Jones, and up and coming actress Alicia Dea, to name but a few. In addition, Morgan has worked for leading fashion retailers like Banana Republic and Club Monaco.

All of this invaluable knowledge added to Mouchie’s training in drapery, design philosophy and pattern making from Raji Patterson, a friend and local tailor. “Fusing my expertise in computer technology with fashion design, I followed my dream of creating clothing that is both beautiful and fashion forward with a sharp focus on the art of tailoring and fit,” says Mouchie.

His collaboration with Italian fashion designers Anna Rita and Eve Sandrini inspired the mood and color palette for his first collection Rise Up, which they developed together.

Today, Stef Mouchie offers both ready-to-wear collections and a bespoke tailoring service to empower women, those who identify as such, transwomen and non-binary individuals to have the confidence to express themselves through the right business attire.


Stef Mouchie looks to fashion icons of the 1960’s. He looks to great women of style who possessed enduring beauty and political and cultural influence. Twiggy, Jacky Kennedy, Janis Lyn Joplin. These women influence his collections and echo the feminine, empowering, timeless spirit of the brand.

The latest collection entitled ‘Rise up’ for spring/summer 2020 is a celebration of female empowerment. It brings a nod to strong 60’s silhouettes, timeless black, sharp tailoring, along with a hint of elegance and optimism for the future. With earthy green pieces to symbolize our love affair with nature, this collection brings hope for a more sustainable future.

About Stef Mouchie

Stef Mouchie is a Toronto-based fashion designer specializing in luxurious and hi fashion women’s wear. Inspired by fashion through the ages, we design pieces for the modern woman. Browse our extensive collection of fashion-wear or get in touch for a bespoke piece. Like us on Facebook!

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