How Often Should You Invest In Wardrobe Staples?

How Often Should You Invest In Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe staples are items that can be mixed and matched in your wardrobe a variety of ways. They are items worth investing in as most are an essential part of your weekly wardrobe. For example, your trench coat may only be worn seasonally but your white button-down, dark wash denim, signature suit, and black stilettos are weekly go-to’s. But how often should you invest in wardrobe staples?

Create A Personalized List Of Wardrobe Staples

Begin by creating a list of what staples are essential in your wardrobe. This should include a set number of neutral tops and bottoms, shoes, layering items, outerwear, and at least one classic and catch-all suit. These must be neutral colors as the ultimate goal is to ensure your staples are easy to mix and match with patterns, prints, bold pops of color, and the trendier items that come and go in your wardrobe. Select solid colors that compliment your skin tone, but ensure to include classic black, white, navy, and grey.

Check Your Staples Once Per Season

You may shop more often than once per season, but you should check your staples every 3 months. These are investment pieces designed to last, but since you wear them more often you need to ensure they still look their best. When you find a staple item that is the perfect cut and fit, consider buying more than one—either in multiple colors or in two of the same colors for longevity. As staples wear out, replace them. If you find you feel like you have nothing to wear or are bored with your items, consider what new clothing items will have the most impact. This might be a new staple or two to increase what you can mix and match, a few new tops, new accessories, or a trendy item or two.

Creating a signature style is all about balancing what looks best on you with what’s on-trend. No matter how you define your style, wardrobe staples play a vital role.


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