How To Build A Wardrobe That You Love

How To Build A Wardrobe That You Love

Imagine how it would feel if you genuinely loved every item of clothing in your closet. It might feel impossible, especially if you don’t love your current wardrobe, but you can build a wardrobe that you love.

Cleanse Your Current Closet

It’s the first step for every makeover show, and it’s a tough one, but it’s time to say goodbye to what’s not working. Try it on if you must, but if it is worn, doesn’t fit, you don’t wear it, or you wear it but don’t really like it—let it go. While you cleanse your closet consider why you like the items you decide to keep.

Define Your Signature Style

Start flipping through magazines and your favourite designers on Instagram to determine what you want your style to look like. If you are visual, create a digital collage or personal look book to take with you when you go shopping. With everything you try on you must ask:

  • Does it make you feel confident, chic, professional, or beautiful?
  • Does the cut flatter your favourite parts or minimise your least favourite?
  • Does the colour, pattern, or print look good on you?
  • Is this something I can wear regularly to work or in my personal life?
  • Is it comfortable?

Start Shopping

Head online or in-person to your favourite stores and designers. If you are creating a completely new look, trying things on is a must, so ensure you know what the return policy is for all online purchases. A few tips to consider include:

  • Identify at least 3 stores and designers who always have your style in stock
  • Purchase both full outfits and separates that can be mixed and matched
  • If you find an item that you love, purchase multiples in different colours or patterns
  • Invest less in trends and more in items that look good on you
  • Don’t forget the importance of accessories to maximise and personalise your look
  • If you are struggling with your new wardrobe hire a stylist to help you get started
  • Once your new wardrobe is complete take photos of your different outfits so that you don’t have to think about how to mix and match
  • As items fade, wear, go out of style, or no longer fit—let them go

Here’s to a closet full of items that you love!

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