How To Dress For Different Work Events

How To Dress For Different Work Events

You may not have to think twice about what to wear to the office but may be stressing about what to wear when you’re with colleagues or clients at offsite events and activities. Here is how to dress for different work events year-round.

Casual Events

If your company has an annual BBQ, is hosting an outdoor excursion, volunteer activity, or a casual event—dress casually, but mindfully. For example, you might wear an outfit that is appropriate for Casual Friday. If the event requires physical activity, be mindful that you aren’t revealing too much. For example, fitness pants with an oversized tank that falls below your bottom, and that doesn’t reveal cleavage when you lean over. For hands-on group volunteering suggest a team t-shirt in cuts for all body types.

After-Hours Events

If your department is heading for drinks together after hours, prioritize layering. Maybe a dress or blouse with a blazer you can take off when you leave the office. If you are heading to dinner with a client, there’s no need to change, but elevate your look and touch up your hair and makeup before you leave the office. If it’s a seasonal event, change into a festive top that reflects your personal style.

Parties And Formal Events

If your annual holiday party is formal or you will be heading to a black-tie event with clients or colleagues, dress to impress. You can never go wrong with black for semi-formal and formal events, but don’t shy away from a colour that looks good on you. Ensure the cut and fit are flattering, and since it’s work—be mindful of your hemlines and necklines. When it comes to formal attire, shop new, rent designer attire, and shop online and local consignment stores.

Here’s to looking fierce in and out of the office!


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