How To Prioritize Self-Care

How To Prioritize Self-Care

Between climbing the career ladder and managing your personal schedule you may feel like you are burning the wick at both ends. Balance is essential for health and happiness so you must learn to prioritize self-care.

Identify What Works For You

Self-care encompasses a variety of wellness options so you must find what works for you. Basics such as drinking enough water, eating a well-balanced diet, and working out at least 4 days a week are essential for whole-body health, but you must also prioritize stress-relieving activities. This might include starting the day with a meditation app, ending the day with ASMR or a sleep story, reading for pleasure, spending time in nature, an Epsom salt bath, weekly yoga class, monthly massage, and more. Self-care also includes making time for hobbies, creative activities, and social time with those who fill you up—not those who drain you more.

Schedule It In

If you don’t schedule self-care, you may never make time for it. Not only does it need to be scheduled, but you must commit to it. Unfortunately, self-care is often the first thing we cut when our schedule is full. Instead, when you feel stressed, eliminate and delegate tasks and schedule in more self-care. However, the most effective approach is a proactive approach. Start small, dedicating 15 minutes to yourself each day, and build from there.

Unplug Daily

One of the downsides of our mobile devices is that we never turn off. So, create a dedicated window of time that you unplug daily. For example, 2 hours before bedtime until 1 hour after you wake for the day. Increase this window on the weekends, occasionally unplugging all weekend long. Your unplugged time will ultimately minimize stress, improve sleep, and help you regain balance. However, it can take an adjustment period as many of us check our mobile devices 6 or more times per hour.

You can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t create time and space to balance and recharge.

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