Taking Your Suited-Up Look From Day To Night

Taking Your Suited-Up Look From Day To Night

If work requires you to be suited-up but you have a date, drink with friends, or an evening out—you may not have the time to run home and change. Here’s how to take your suited-up look from day to night.

Layer Accordingly

Layer an evening-appropriate camisole or blouse underneath a blazer or cardigan that you can slip off and leave in the car. Or layer a blazer over a dress or skirt and blouse.


Swap out your earrings, necklace, and heels. Bring a clutch with you or wear a purse to the office that suits your evening plans. Don’t be shy about adding a bit of bling for special occasions.

Elevate Your Makeup

At work, your makeup needs to look polished and professional but bring what you need with you to create a more dramatic smoky eye, bold lip, or fun eye color. Test a few new makeup techniques that you find on YouTube or Instagram.

Bring A Change Of Clothing With

Sometimes a full outfit change can’t be avoided, so bring what you need with you in a garment bag in the car. From your evening gown to a cocktail dress, blouse, or dark wash denim. Change at work, at the gym, a nearby friend’s house, or the salon you head to for hair and makeup.

Plan Ahead

None of these tips will work without planning what you will wear at least the night before. For extra-special events, as well as jam-packed weeks, try to plan out your entire wardrobe for the week.

Here’s to maintaining personal and professional balance and ensuring you always look office and evening appropriate!

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