We are passionate about sustainability, and its vital role in the healing of Mother Earth. Therefore, we align our creations with moving humanity and the environment forward. Our goal is a system that works without leaving a negative carbon footprint. To achieve this, we have a dedicated team of environmental professionals who meet bi-weekly to discuss environmental initiatives.

Our Values

  • Zero emissions factory
  • Green certified building
  • Fair fashion
  • Made in Canada. This ensures fair wages, support education, and directly improve worker’s quality of life
  • Fashion for the real world
  • Planting trees to fight climate change

Stopping Climate Change through Trees

Life on Earth is not possible without trees. In fact, trees play a vital role in climate change by cleaning our air. By planting new forests, we help mitigate climate change through tree’s natural removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. Combined with the sun’s energy, carbon converts to trunks, branches, roots, and leaves via photosynthesis. The carbon stays in this “biomass” until returned back into the atmosphere. Thus, trees protect our drinking water, create healthy communities, and feed the human soul.

Let’s stop the threat to these life necessities.

To address this, we’re launching an unprecedented undertaking. In fact, for every order placed through Stef Mouchie, we will donate $25 to Twitter:@TOTrees Together, we can create change.

About Stef Mouchie

Stef Mouchie is a Toronto-based fashion designer specializing in luxurious and tailor-made women’s wear. Inspired by fashion through the ages, all of our pieces are designed for the modern woman to create and express her unique style. Browse our extensive collection of fashion-wear or get in touch for a bespoke piece.

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