What Casual Friday Looks Like

As excited as you may be when your office adopts Casual Friday, you may find yourself stressing about what to wear. While you can be casual you still want to look stylish and professional. These tips will help you strike the ideal balance.

Elevated Denim

You don’t have to wear denim jeans, but if you are going to it needs to be an elevated option, such as coloured or printed. If you choose a shade of blue, stick with darker washes, even if there is a bit of variation in the colour. Add a blouse on top with a structured blazer and you’re set. Don’t just think of jeans, as you can find office-appropriate denim skirts and jackets

Texture, Pattern, And Print

Suits are often made from wool blends and other structured materials which makes Casual Friday the perfect time to mix in more texture. From leather pants to chunky knit sweaters, a linen dress, a velour skirt, faux-snakeskin jacket, and more. It’s also the time to wear the bolder colours, patterns, and prints that might be a bit much Monday thru Thursday.

Mid-Level Pieces

You are likely to have many items in your closet that fall somewhere between suited up and casual. For example, a blazer made from a less structured cotton, a designer graphic tee, leather jacket, or trendy athleisure wear options. Don’t forget accessories, such as a more casual shoe, colourful eyewear frames, or eclectic jewelry.

Here’s to creating a casual but elevated look for casual offices or Casual Friday!

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