What To Do With The Clothing You No Longer Wear

What To Do With The Clothing You No Longer Wear

You should aim to go through your closet seasonally or at least twice per year. Your primary goals should be to swap out seasonal items that are taking up space as well as eliminate the clothing you no longer wear. Here’s what to do with your excess.

Give It To Someone Who Will Love It

If you have a friend or family member with a similar style, pass the clothing and accessories you no longer want along for someone else to wear. They will be sure to do the same for you with the items they no longer want.

Head To Or Host A Clothing Swap Party

Clothing swap parties are a fun way to exchange an item you don’t want for something someone else doesn’t want. Be sure to check the rules or set rules for your own party. For example, items must be never worn or like new and retail for a set dollar amount.

Sell It

You invest in your clothing so don’t be shy about making a little bit of money for the items you no longer wear. From your local consignment stores to Craigslist and online sites like Poshmark. Don’t expect anywhere near the retail value, but every $20 or $50 adds up.

Donate It

If none of the options above appeal to you, you don’t have the time or some of the items are in less than their best condition—donate old clothing to a non-profit. Also, seek out local artists and fashion designers who upcycle clothing.

The more room in your closet the easier it is to decide what to wear!


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