What To Wear For Your Weekend Getaway?

What To Wear For Your Weekend Getaway

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, weekend retreat, or mini-vacation, long weekends are short and sweet so pack smart to keep things simple. Here’s what to wear for your weekend getaway.

Wrinkle-Free Travel

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train you want to arrive at your destination looking your best—so wear something that doesn’t wrinkle. Since time is tight, try to pack items that are wrinkle-free so that you don’t have to worry about ironing. Also, make sure it is something you will feel comfortable sitting or walking in. So, carry on your stilettos but wear a flat at the airport.

Mix And Match

It’s just a weekend away so you want to pack light. If you only need one outfit per day, you can pack two or three separate outfits with accessories. If you will need an evening outfit for the wedding or party or activity-specific essentials such as swimsuits or athletic attire, pack items that can easily be mixed and matched. For example, wear the same jeans on days 1 and 3 with different blouses. Layer the same blazer or cardigan on days 2 and 3, one with your jeans and one with a skirt and blouse. It can be tricky but keep your shoes to a minimum.

To maximize space in your bag and keep outfits organized use packing cubes.

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